5 Best Product Background Images and Free Stock Photos Websites

five best Stock Photos Websites

In online marketing, you cannot ignore the importance of the image because pictures speak louder than words. And good pictures are essential for spreading your message and catching the eye of your targeted audience a ton more. Not only this! But they are significant for boosting engagement in your blog post as they offer depth to the content. However, good photography is not like a cake and costs a lot of money. 

Fortunately! Now you can find a variety of websites that offer you a variety of high-quality images for the Product Background on your e-commerce site without having to spend a penny. Moreover, there is no need to be worried about copyrights as these images are gathered from photographers and artists who have given authorization for anybody to utilize them. 

With that out of the way, the motive of this article is to look at the best Product Background Images and Free Stock Photos Websites. So, if you are looking for the best of the bests websites for Product Background images, then what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look at our rundown:

1. Unsplash

Unsplash images

Unsplash is the safest site to use with bundles of Free Stock Photos for Background Images as compared to other websites with free images.  So, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that Unsplash is one of the world’s best photography sites where you can find exceptional Product Background Images from top editors and photographers across the globe. 

With this amazing resource, you can access an unlimited library of high-quality images as every photograph is soured from the site’s skilled network of media designers and photographers. Furthermore, every 10 days there is an addition of 10 royalty-free photos. However, most of them are always usually attractive landscapes.

What else? Each image that is accessible on Unsplash is free to use as they are under the Unsplash license. Moreover, the downloading of images is very easy as it doesn’t require any status, tweet, and email subscription. This means you can download your favorite image in no time and without any formalities by just clicking on the downloading button on the site’s page.

Unsplash loves to meet new people so you can also become a part of Unsplash by submitting a photograph that would be uploaded after confirmation of its quality and reality.


  • Unsplash offers you a bundle of images without any cost.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Saves not only your money but time as well. Because you can download your preferred image by just clicking the download button.
  • Unsplash is a spectrum of safety in contrast with other websites for free stock images.
  • Provide high-quality images.
  • Great selection

2. PixaBay

pixabay  photographs

PixaBay is exceptional! A wonderful bank of 1.7 million-plus stunning photographs captured by highly skilled photographers! So, if you are looking for fantastic Product Background Vector Images, graphics, and art illustrations then PixaBay is for you as it is one of the best websites for copyright-free photos that you can use for non-commercial and commercial purposes.

You know what! All pictures on the website are covered under the Creative Commons Zero license and are royalty-free which implies they can be altered, distributed, and utilized commercially in print and on the web.

Furthermore, it is best for business so if you need images for business and marketing then PixaBay would be more beneficial to you as compared to Unsplash which is more useful for marketers and bloggers. In addition to this, while using a photograph from PixaBay you are not required to give credit to the author.

Again, it is easy to find a preferred picture on PixaBay what you have to do is just select the category and then search the photo in a bar which is further divided into orientation, class, media type, and colors. And after finding your preferred image click on the green button which is for downloading and get your selected picture downloaded.


  • A huge database of photos.
  • It is safe to use images from PixBay.
  • Great for video thumbnails, free stock pictures for your artwork, video thumbnails, and 3D Product Images.
  • If you face any issue Pixabay fixes it right away.
  • You can use the photo commercially without giving credit to the author.
  • Last but not the least; you can modify the content taken from PixaBay.

3. Burst (by Shopify) 

Burst by Shopify

Primarily focused on entrepreneurship, Brust (by Shopify) is a free stock photo site that offers Royalty Free Product Background, and 3D Product Images that you will not find anywhere else!

Besides giving you just free stock pictures it also empowers you to start your own business. As it’s business ideas page enables you to get more ideas and to identify the most popular products that are moderately simple to drop-ship or make, and they give insights and photos to assist you. Thus, we can say that Burst is more than just a free stock photo website.

Another great thing about this website is that all photos available on this site can be used commercially without attributing the author. Moreover, you can also edit the selected picture according to your will such as you are welcome to crop, add filters, and resize the image. In addition, you can customize it to use for your own online store by adding your brand or logo to it. And that’s not all! You can also use these images to create mugs, t-shirts, and other items.

Picture downloading is very simple! Click on the photo you will see two download options there including “Low resolution” and High resolution”. High resolution is better for online stores, websites, presentations, and anyplace else where a high quality of images is preferred. On the other hand “Low resolution” pictures are incredible for little web designs.


  • The website is super fast and very simple to use.
  • No attribution is required.
  • Images are free to use.
  • The pictures are of high quality. They have a reliable style that is popular but not over-filtered. 

4. Pexels

pexels free library

Pexels is a massive library of high-quality and well-organized free stock photos and videos that add 10 photos each day for you so that you may not run out of options.

Usually, photos are captured by incredibly skilled photographers and digital creative but sometimes it also collects pictures from different websites including PixaBay, Little Visuals, and Gratisography to get you the most top-notch photographs out there. 

All images present on Pexels are searchable, well tagged, and super easy to find out via their discovery page. Moreover, you can modify photos available on Pexels and can use images for both commercial and noncommercial use. However, you can’t run political campaigns through them as it is restricted by Pixel.

Moreover, finding images is very easy as you can browse by using keywords or categories but still, if you can’t find your desired image there then you can look at suggested pictures on the Shutterstock site, that way you can settle on the decision to buy a photograph if necessary.


  • It provides you with high-resolution images from multiple sources.
  • Attribution is not mandatory.
  • The layout is simple which makes it easy to discover pictures.
  • Covered mostly all categories.
  • Allow adaptation in pictures because it has two types of licenses including CCO and Pexels License.

5. Gratisography

gratisography for top quality Product Images

If you are looking for top-quality Product Images and Backgrounds then look no further than Gratisography which offers high-resolution pictures free of cost. 

With new images added weekly, there is a broad range of quirkiest high-quality free stock photos that makes the heartbeat of your audience just a little fast.

For your convenience, images are highly organized by classes such as whimsical, urban, nature, animals, objects, and much more. Moreover, images are easy to download and easily searchable. In addition to this, all images are free to use so you can edit as you want.

In short, whatever you make utilizing these pictures will be extraordinary!


  • Wide range of quirky stock pictures.
  • Free to use.
  • There is no need to credit the author while using images from this website.
  • Don’t require registration as it is a free service.
  • Easy to download pictures.
  • Pictures are free to use commercially.

This is our rundown of 5 Best Product Background Images and Free Stock Photos Websites that offer you pictures that you can distribute and copy as they are copyright free. In addition to this, to help you stand out of the box, they offer high-quality images.

Undoubtedly, these sites are a blessing for marketers, online sellers, bloggers, and designers as they can use free stock photos without paying a single cent. Moreover, to create something unique with these images they can edit pictures available there.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit these sites to make your desktop livelier with these exceptional free stock images.