Affiliate Marketing for Amazon: How can I build a website and earn $1000 a month?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Who does not want to earn $1000 a week through their website? Well, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is an easy and unresisting source of income if you are working online. Also known as ‘Amazon Associates’, it can easily monetize your blogs and websites by placing Amazon Affiliate links. You need to Sign Up and then wait for the approval. The procedure is simple – After linking, you get paid if someone makes a purchase from Amazon through one of your links.

Amazon Affiliate Network is huge and beneficial! But the point is, how do you start? Only a few people are managing to earn four figures in a week. Well, it is not that easy. It takes a lot of effort, time, and dedication to making it successful. And, this is where our Article will help you, we will explain and show you what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works.

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is basically performance-based marketing in which Amazon hires affiliates, and gives them business rewards for their marketing efforts. If you are a website or a blog owner, then it is absolutely free for you to become an Amazon Associate. You can create links and post products from on your site, and earn referral fees. The fees you get can range anywhere from 2 to 10%. You can be both the inventor and the marketer and still profit from it.

Amazon has several branches all over the world and has multiple products like electronics, tech-related, books, and household stuff which is perfect because it is covering all the niches.

How does Amazon Affiliate Marketing work?

How Amazon Affiliate Marketing work?

As we mentioned before, there are two sides of Affiliate Marketing, you can become a seller by promoting your product through others, and giving them referral fees in exchange.

Or, you can promote one or more products and earn money by becoming an Affiliate Marketer.

Most people choose and prefer to be an affiliate as it is an easy path especially when you are getting started. While on the other hand, building traffic and earning is not easy just from affiliate sales.

If a visitor on your website clicks on an Amazon Affiliate Link while reading an article and makes a purchase within 24 hours, you will get your commission.

How do you become an Amazon Affiliate?

  • Generate a Website

You should have an active website, blog, or YouTube channel in order to be an associate! And Remember, you will be asked to describe the sole purpose and objective of your website so have a firm idea in your mind about it while creating.

  • Call in on Amazon Associates Home Page

Create your Amazon Associates Account now.

1. Visit their home page and click “Join now for Free”

2. Register and create your Account.

  • Build your Profile

After signing up, start building your Associate Profile. Enter all your information including your name, phone number, address, and Website Address.

Then, enter your store ID and select the topics you intend to. Explain your mantra of how you drive traffic on your site, how you use it, and how much traffic you get every month. Lastly, enter your phone number, payment method, and details.

  • Start Creating Links

When you are done creating your account, you will be directed to your personal Associate Home page. Search for your desired keywords and categories, like, ‘Health $ Fitness’, and ‘Beauty’. After getting the link, customize it with your desired texts and images, Preview the link and then place it on your site. 

Building a Website with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

You need to make a website for the exclusive purpose of posting Affiliate Content, attracting customers, and sending them to If you already have a populated website, blog, or YouTube Channel. That works too!

There are three basic components we should keep in mind while creating a website, let’s begin!

1. Decide a Domain Name

A domain name is the most important thing that grabs a person’s attention and stays in their mind longer than what you have to offer. Also, if you are choosing a domain name that is too narrowed down, that might limit you from expanding the niche of your site in the future. With the right content, promotion, and links placements, the sites do get established and it would be too bad if the domain name doesn’t allow you to add up to your existing niche. You have to plan 10-steps ahead and to make sure your domain isn’t an uninvited issue, take time to ponder over it and then get a name.

2. Choosing a Web Hosting

After you get done with the domain name, it is very crucial to choose a web hosting service for your website that actually is convenient and savvy. Web hosting services are important because they handle all your data files and encryption. A good web hosting service will keep your site happy light and get work done at the backend. Most hosting services nowadays are very convenient to be linked to and are economically within reach too.

3. Download WordPress

For most Affiliate Marketing businesses, WordPress is the go-to choice for all their websites. There are numerous reasons why WordPress serves as the best option whenever an individual or an affiliate network is hosting their sites and blogs through WordPress.

      • WordPress is easy and convenient.
      • The user interface is clean and comprehensive.
      • Gives access to the C Panel for all the editing at the backend.
      • Provides a variety of layouts and options.
      • The extensions for WordPress keep coming so convenience is a very easy pill to swallow there.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Model and its Benefits

Affiliate Model and its Benefits

Amazon Associates Affiliate Model is an advanced full-fledged program introduced by Amazon recently. Amazon Affiliate Marketing has become a hit type of money exploding business over this decade and the new program allows the marketing affiliates to choose a product and get onboard with it with the help of all the help material provided by Amazon. It makes the pool wider for the Amazon Associates who join with them as there are thousands of products that can accommodate the niches simultaneously. Don’t trust us, see for yourself,

  • The Amazon Associate Affiliate Model is completely free to join with no hidden or extra charges. 
  • The pool of the products allows you to choose one from millions, dive in!
  • There are so many categories that give you up to 15 percent of the product value with each sale.
  • Amazon has made the interface of the Site Strip toolbar so easy that you can place links in your site with such ease and convenience. 
  • You can also get the Amazon Associates Link Builder WordPress Plugin and take things more comprehensively from there. 
  • Amazon also provides platforms where you can promote your website and generate sales. It’s like you are being handed over with everything on the plate.
  • Amazon has scored some great points in providing their associates with great customer service and additional helping hands with discussion forums and elaborated resource centers. 
  • The cherry on top, the Amazon Program has a very neat and savvy method for payments that come clean on time and always the supposed digits. 

Overview of the Amazon Associates Affiliate Model

Amazon Associates Affiliate Model works for all freelancers and affiliates and is open to all individuals. But as an established full-fledged marketing program, Amazon Affiliate Marketing has some standards and must-haves that they look in you. Obviously, your potential needs to be analyzed before you get on board. Saying that doesn’t mean the criteria are a hard pass, they just want you to have an established platform with either of these


You have to have a website with a reviewing and promoting niche that goes well with the Amazon Affiliate Network when you get connected with it later. A strong and well-established site with moderate traffic will get you the Affiliation in no time. A reviewing niche will make it easier for you to display products and links from Amazon later.


Blogging may come as a hobby to some people but it can be led to a full-fledged business once it reaches moderate traffic. The idea is to keep writing blogs about specific products and review them and while you get affirmed with the Amazon Affiliate Marketing program, you can take the edge to insert links to the Amazon products in your articles and redirect the audience to them.


If you have an app that has a moderate amount of traffic and people keep using it to get to their favorite products, it can become a huge bridge between Amazon products and its customers. 

Social Media Handles

If you are an influencer and people follow you for some other reason, it would be a great idea to get registered with Amazon Affiliate Network and use your social media following as a platform like Amazon Websites and display the products in your posts and encourage people to buy them. 

Types of Affiliate Content to get Potential Sales

So, the affiliate content is technically a bit different than any content that people usually blog about. Because it is being written with the intention to grab the customer’s attention and use it for both their’s and your benefit. Various types of content can help you achieve a goal that is substantial and targeted for both ends. Some very convenient and yet technical types of content are being listed down here for you, choose anyone that sounds suitable and get on with it. 

Individual reviews

Individual reviews are most focused on one product and all its features and specifications. It will take you into the depth of how the product can work in terms of user experience and how it will and it will not benefit the customer. The individual reviews provide catchy photos of the products with their pros to attract the customer’s attention and the fact that they inform the customer so well, often gets the sale in the bucket right after.

Round-up Reviews

Round-up reviews are the most common and known type of affiliate content blogs that have occurred to exist. The articles where top 10 or top 5 items are listed down with each product having a whole description of its specifications and price value along with all details needed. Having a whole pool of opportunities makes the customer at least choose one that works the best for you.

One on one Comparison

Even better than the Round-up reviews, the One on One comparisons create a whole interest in the analysis of both products, and by listing their physical and technical features and comparing them with attractive pictures and videos can make the customer decide for themselves before you decide on the winner among the both.


Sharing your own experiences in detail can make the person relate to what you were facing and what you did to cater to the situation. In 85 percent of such content marketing, the user ends up buying the same thing.

Tutorials and How-Tos

Watching resourceful tutorials and Tow-Tos of a product has never failed to convince the customer. Tutorials and How-Tos give the customer insight into what they can have and how they can use it. Diving into their imagination and creating a need for the product is the sole goal to be achieved here. 

Tips and Tools to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

You can make more than four figures per month if you are a successful affiliate marketer. But reaching this elite level is hard, only 1 to 4 percent of marketers reach this level.

The question is, how can someone become a super and successful affiliate? Well, with a lot of commitment and hard work, you can surely reach this level. Also, you must have determination and patience, and you will reach there in no time.

We have combined a few strategies, tools, and tips below. Let’s begin!

Finding a Special Niche

People often get puzzled when they are finding their niche. Many affiliate marketers do not focus on a special niche, instead, they try and offer everything available – that is the biggest mistake! Try not to dissipate your efforts and discover a unique niche for yourself. 

The most profitable marketing niches are health, fitness & lifestyle, books, Exercise Clothing, Electronic and Technological, romance, and wealth. Find your unique niche first, and then promote it.

Know your product and your audience

Never ever promote a product you don’t know about. Take your time, do your research, and see what the product is offering, its pros and cons, and what benefits your consumers will get from it. By learning about your product and your targeted audience, you will build your credibility and trust.

At this point, just putting up a nice profile won’t help. It is important to know about the competition for your product, and whether it is profitable or not.

Review Services and Products

Amazon’s job is to sell. And being an affiliate, your job is to Pre-Sell –  Simple! Tell your consumers the advantages and disadvantages of the products and services you are promoting, and what benefits they will receive after purchasing the particular product, and convince them that this product is everything they need in their life. 

If you are running an affiliate program, then focus on reviewing products – physical and digital products, travel resorts reviews. Compare these products to others of the same category, and make sure you are writing effective and detailed content. Keep one thing in mind – Don’t rate everything 5 stars! You are reviewing, not advertising!

Keep up with new trends

You will have to stay on top of the trends to succeed. The realm of Affiliate Marketing is competitive, and to remain competitive, you need to gain knowledge and learn new things about affiliate marketing daily. In internet marketing, the strategies that worked for six months, do not work now – it is always changing. 

In order to become an elite affiliate marketer, you should never stop learning about new changes and accepting those changes. Subscribe to news sites related to Affiliate Marketing, attend conferences, and join Facebook groups.

Just keep yourself up to date and your success is guaranteed!

Learn from seniors

This is the most important step. Learn from other super affiliate marketers, stalk them, read about them, know their stories, and observe how they write and get things done.

You can even hire someone to teach you and take a course. Moreover, there any many affiliate networks that hire coaches to train their affiliates. That can be a bit costly, but it will surely help you in the longer run.

Here are some of the best Affiliate Networks for you to look at – Shareasale, eBay Partners Program, JVzoo, and Perform.

Be Consistent and Don’t Give Up

Affiliate Marketing is something in which you will never get immediate success. You will face a lot of failures at the start but that is what makes you successful, so, do not give up!

Carefully analyze what is working and what is not, make changes when needed, and eventually, you will get success one day. Just remember, it is not going to happen overnight!

Scope of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is creating a party blast for Internet Marketers and content freaks. In the case where everyone is intrigued to bring in cash from the web. 

Affiliate marketing is the most ideal approach to bring in cash from the internet and burst all the bubbles of the myths. We should jump profound into it. In the event that you want to earn some cash online, it is authentic that you can.

Be that as it may, the way can be simple if you are innovative and working just on your content as it is the only part that gets you the sales. Content is everything now on the Internet. If people read what you tell them and you have an influence over them, use that influence for their good and yours to make some intriguing cash.

Affiliate marketing is winning on the planet for an extremely lengthy timespan now. Numerous individuals have made a fortune by basic affiliate marketing for some extraordinarily effortless items. In spite of the fact that we admit to the way that the effect of affiliate marketing has been diminished and individuals can’t accomplish what they had in their minds while starting in the field of affiliate marketing. Reasons can be debated for long but personal errors top them all. 

Presumably, the Amazon affiliate program is the internet’s most famous and effective affiliate program. It is the most convenient and super perky to join and allows you to browse over a million items to showcase to your clients. Aside from that, the advertisers acquire advertising charges from all the Qualified Purchases, not simply the items that they promoted. Aside from that, the market image of Amazon and its higher conversion rates help affiliate marketers expand their income.


Products Profit Margin
Books 20-35%
Baby items 40%
Electronics and their Accessories 15%
Gems, Metals, and Crystals 50%
Fitness Wear 28-30%
Undergarments 24%
Silicone Baking Mat 15%
Apple Slicer 15%
Marshmallow Roasting Sticks 40%
Silicone Wedding Rings 60%
Compression Knee Sleeves 25%
Yoga Mats 30%
Pet Nail Clippers 13-15%
Vegetable Spiralizer 30%

By carefully using all the techniques and steps above, you can be a very successful Amazon Associate in no time, Happy Affiliating!