5 best cake baking tools you need to know before Christmas



Christmas is just around the corner, and there is no doubt that you are dying to bake those scrumptious and gorgeous cakes with oozing deliciousness, right? Christmas cake is something that doubles the joy of the festival, and to be honest, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a cake. Also, a Christmas cake should be mouth-watering, nicely-baked, and un-matchable. But how are you going to achieve that? Well, you will need to master and nail the art of cake baking.

Yes, Cake baking is an art, and it requires endless attempts and efforts to achieve that heavenly taste and flawless fondant. However, if you genuinely want to make a marvellous and unforgettable cake, there are some essential cake baking tools you need to get your hands on. These cake baking equipment won’t only make your cake more delicious, but will also make them look more stunning and tempting.

Must-Have Cake Baking Tools and Equipment

The cake baking world is not all about ingredients and icing; it also includes some incredible artistry techniques, decorating, and unique effects. For your convenience, we are sharing a list of the five best cake baking tools that will help you in pulling off an amazing Christmas cake. Whether you are a professional or a seasoned baker, make sure you have these tools in your kitchen.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring cups and spoons are the essential cake baking equipment to make the measure of all the ingredients accurate and in precision. You will conveniently find a set of measuring spoons, including tablespoons and teaspoons of different sizes. As for measuring cups, you should have at least 2 to 4 of different sizes always available in your cupboard. Also, there are separate measuring cups for both dry and wet ingredients, so make sure you get your hands on both. Because, if you don’t put the ingredients in the right quantity, your cake won’t be polished and tempting.

Cake Leveler

Cake leveller is one of the primary and most useful cake baking tools. Baking a delicious and savoury cake might be an easy task, but making it presentable, neat, and appealing can only be done using a cake leveller. A cake leveler is beneficial if you want to bake a cake with pretty looking layers. Using a regular knife for making cake levels is not convenient as the layers will not be even, and it can mess up and damage your cake. Also, cake leveller will cut even and pleasing layers and will make your cake look more neat and appealing.

Cake Spatula

A cake spatula is another vital cake baking tool when you are making a cake and covering it with a delicious frosting. When you cover your cake with frosting, you need to spread the frosting evenly and with precision. Some people use a knife for doing this, but a knife doesn’t do it right, and the frosting would not be even and presentable. A cake spatula does it with precision, neatness, and convenience. So you can smoothly and evenly spread the frosting on your cake and make it look pretty and presentable.

Piping Nozzles

Piping nozzles and tips are the tools you should always in your cake decorating kit. You would love to decorate your cake with cute flowers along with striking patterns and designs, right? Piping nozzles are available in different shapes – star nozzle, round nozzle, basketweave nozzle, and closed star nozzle. All these nozzles will help you in smoothly spreading the icing on your cake. Also, these nozzles will allow you to play with the frosting and make unique flowery designs and patterns to make your Christmas cake look like a stunning piece of art.

Cake & Fondant Smoothers

No caking decorating set is complete without a cake & fondant smoother, trust me. As the name implies, a smoother will help you smooth down the icing and frosting on the cake to give it a polished and neat finish. Also, it will help you in smoothing down the fondant and prevent air bubbles from forming underneath. Smoothers and convenient to use and they will provide you with a firm and comfortable grip to make the whole process easy and peaceful.

Few Extra Baking Tips for a Perfect Cake

#Tip1: Always make sure that you are mixing the batter properly and there are no lumps left. If your batter has the perfect texture, your cake will automatically be the best.

#Tip2: Always grease your baking pan or tray with oil, butter, or cornflour before pouring the batter inside. If you would not grease the pan properly, your cake will stick inside and will come out in pieces.

#Tip3: Always remember to preheat the oven at least 20 minutes before you start baking to get the right temperature. This way, you will get a soft and well-cooked cake, and your guests will keep asking for more. The ideal temperature for pre-heating is 180 to 200 degree Celsius.

#Tip4: Never over-heat your cake. You would never want to serve a hard and burnt Christmas cake to your guests, right? So, make sure you open the oven time to time and put a skewer inside to check if the cake is ready or not. If the skewer comes out dry, then your cake is ready. Turn off the oven ASAP.

#Tip5: After your cake is all ready and completely baked, make sure you leave the cake out in room temperature for at least 30 to 40 minutes before taking it out from the pan. By doing this, your cake will achieve a perfect shape and won’t be damaged.

We have done the hard work for you, and now it is your turn to make the best Christmas cake of your life and increase the charm of Christmas even more. So, did you guys find this article helpful? Don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments below. We would love to hear back from you. Happy Baking!


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