Tips to Prevent Emotional Stress Eating to Stay Home Fit

In today’s world, humans operate like machines built to tackle life head-on. Our lives have never been filled with purpose how they are now, gone are the days when people used to sit on their front porch after 5 pm and relax for the rest of their day as they had nothing planned. Nowadays our jobs are not the only thing that our life revolves around. We have gym routines, we have social events and not to forget the ever-rising need for having a side hustle or simply a skill you’ve perfected to the point where you can cash in on it.

Our lives are vastly complicated to the point that we would not know what to do if we were told to drop everything and stay home unless it is absolutely necessary. We would crumble from within if we are not prepared to face a sedentary lifestyle where we are bound to stay in quarantine. Most countries in the world have made their people indulge in self-isolation in an attempt to flatten the curve. The question that we face today is how to evade emotional stress eating which many of us face today and tips on how to prevent it and encourage ourselves into staying fit at home. You may have to give up on the outside world for a bit but never give up on yourself.

There will be days when you are being consumed by negative emotions that trigger cravings, but do not fall for the trap. Here are a few tips to prevent falling prey to emotional stress-eating.

Tame the Stress

Whenever you feel the onset of stress creeping in you and the urge to cater to an unhealthy craving out of nowhere, you should take a step back and realize what you are doing. You should realize that the negativity being built by the stress inside you is causing it and you need to program yourself not to let situations get the best of you and in short do not worry.

You might be the sort who is a control freak or worries about everything that goes around you but for the time being, do not worry about anything beyond your control and realize that your health is in your control and that is why you should be mindful of the food you eat and the reason behind it.

Keep a Food Diary

A sure-shot way of ensuring you aren’t eating more than you need is to keep a food diary and make a log of the calories you are eating and whether these calories are adding on the pounds or are utilized in the energy you need to function every day. Being mindful is essential.

Develop a physical habit

Your gym might be closed and you feel hopeless without the heavyweights you are used to in the gym to workout. Fear not! There are ample ways to combat your troubles. Endorse an activity that makes you feel good mentally and physically. Find your niche whether it’s callisthenics, yoga or even running that you can do inside your home. Physical health is essential for mental health and once you find what makes you happy and takes away your stress then you won’t feel the need to eat unless you’re hungry.

Get Support

Sometimes it’s too hard setting out alone on a task and especially when you are stuck at home and stressed more than usual and don’t see a way out. In situations like these, you are bound to fall off the self-help wagon with the slightest hint of counterweight. That is why getting support is important. Think about it. You are stuck at home feeling like you’re on your own and the whole world is trying to get under your skin and the only way you can deal with all of this if you can have a scoop of chocolate chip ice-cream.

This will occur to you more than once especially when you’re isolated and that is why I suggest that you let everyone in your household know what you’re going through and urge a member to join you in this journey of self-cleansing from stressful eating.

This way you can keep each other in check, motivate each other when one of you is about to give up. If you live alone then that’s alright, get someone in your close circle whether family or friends and have them join you and update each other throughout the day on your struggles.

Keep Temptation at a Bare Minimum

During the transition time, you will have to keep your focus because you will be tempted by the minutest inconvenience and you will have to make yourself believe that you are not suffering and you are not limiting yourself and this is for your own betterment. This can only take place if you get rid of your guilty pleasures that you cannot say no to whether it’s chocolate, potato chips or anything else that you will munch on endlessly.

Boredom is the Enemy

Boredom is the sole reason people start eating without any reason at all. You don’t even need to be stressed out if you’re bored because people are hardwired to believe that just because you’re bored eating will add something in your life but trust me it won’t add anything besides a few pounds and regret.

Keep boredom at bay, whenever you feel the urge just stop and redirect your energy. Keep yourself engaged either physically or mentally whether it’s reading, playing video games or playing with your pet. When we are outside we are usually too busy to eat and that is the same mindset you need at home too. You are too busy to be eating away from your life.

These are the tips I have for you to avoid stress eating and staying fit at home and the point of all of this is to keep yourself engaged no matter what you do keep yourself busy and do not let your mind wander off in places where there is nothing for it but stress.


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