7 Game of Thrones Theories We Wish Were True

Games of Thrones is an HBO show that started in 2011 without much promise and ended up becoming one of the most popular and most awaited shows by the time its final season came out in April of 2019. 17 million people viewed HBO to watch the season finale and those are just the official numbers as the majority of the world watches pirated versions of the show on other mediums. The show became a topic of discussion all over the world but most Game of Thrones fans believe that the finale did not live up to the hype and many were disappointed.

Fan theories regarding the Game of Thrones Ending travelled far and wide all over the internet as people gathered hints throughout the show to form different origins or endings for the characters. Some of these Game of Thrones Fan Theories were so interesting that many people agreed that there are fan theory endings out there that are better than the original Game of Thrones ending. If you haven’t watched the show, get ready for some Game of Thrones Spoilers.

Arya kills Cersei

There was a lot of speculation till the final episode of Game of Thrones on who will kill Cersei as she has been the cause of pain for many characters in the show. She single handedly destroyed House Stark and anyone associated with them. She became a thorn in the side for Daenarys Targarayen who would settle for nothing less but have her head on a pike.

But there was a huge fan base rooting for Arya Stark to kill Cersei as Cersei sits on top of her kill list. Arya’s character developed from an underdog to a fan favorite in the show with her killing Littlefinger, Walder Frey and even single handedly being the reason the White Walker Army was destroyed. Many fans would have been delighted with the show if this fan theory materialized.

Jamie kills Cersei

Cersei’s killing was meant to be the most satisfying end to the show and we didn’t get it. There is another Game of Thrones fan theory that was preferred by many, Jamie is the one who kills his beloved Cersei. Jamie Lannister started as the most despicable character in the show. There was nothing likeable about him, He was Cersei’s incestuous brother who was known as the King Slayer and was capable of anything as we saw what he did to Bran Stark in the first season.

However, Jamie Lannister had the best redemption storyline in the series. He turned into one of the most likeable characters in the show, from keeping his wood to Caitlyn who freed him if he kept her daughters safe in Kings Landing, saving Tyrion from execution for his father’s murder to joining the army of the living in Winterfell against the White Walkers.

He even went further by asking for Bran’s forgiveness in the final season and knighting Breanne too and all these acts of valor and righteousness instigated fans to believe that this steep character arc was directed towards Jamie realizing how evil his sister had become and that she had to be stopped. Nevertheless, the steep character rise of Jamie Lannister was to no avail as after the battle against the dead Jamie takes the virginity of Breanne to realize that he loves his sister and goes back to King’s Landing to save her resulting in him dying with her.

Targaryens are back

Game of Thrones fans had a theory that would’ve been a happy ending straight out of a Disney Channel movie and that was that after it became evident that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen belonged to the same house it seemed as if it was the time for the restoration of House Targaryen as one of the strongest houses once again and they would rule together as King and Queen over the seven kingdoms and that would’ve ensured a happy ending for the characters who probably had one of the toughest storylines but were always meant to end up as the focal point.

Fans were truly disappointed when Daenerys was murdered in the end and everything that her character in the show lived and breathed for throughout the eight seasons was in her grasp only to be taken away at the very start of her rule.

King Snow!

Jon was the most unorthodox character throughout the show. He was a man constantly given titles even when he seemed disinterested in them. He was made Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch then people wanted him to become the King in the North and finally the fans wanted him to become King of the seven kingdoms. This desire for Jon to become King was not misplaced. All arrows pointed in that direction only. Even when Jon decided to kill Daenarys Targaryan, a woman that he loved because she had become the Mad Queen herself it seemed as if Jon would become king.

Fans saw Daenarys losing her grip on herself and edging towards becoming more and more like her father since the past few seasons but Jon seemed destined to be king because of his legacy and newfound heritage however Jon ended up being sentenced back to the wall where his journey started. A humdrum end to a colossal character of the show.

The Mother of Dragon returns to Meeren

Daenarys Targaryen was known as the mother of slaves in Meeren and was looked up to almost as a God in Meeren. This Fan theory was hinted by fans right before the final season aired as it was evident that the Mother of Dragons was dissatisfied with how she was treated in Westeros compared to Essos.

She had said it herself in season 8 that Westeros had no love for her as opposed to the Bay of Dragons which she liberated from slavery. Her story would’ve had a much better ending if she realized that Westeros was never meant for her and only if she returned to Essos she would’ve been greeted back in her true kingdom.

Sansa as Queen

At the start of season 1, Sansa was a child and at the end of season 8, Sansa was a queen that could rule the entire kingdom. She had learned from the toughest and darkest characters of the show and she used their own techniques to defeat them.

No one would be a more befitting Queen than Sansa who was originally to be wedded to King Jeoffrey. However, after the Daenarys was killed it was decided by the Council that Brann would be king. No one saw that coming because Brann just didn’t fit the bill for many fans who were truly disappointed.

Iron Throne being destroyed was Symbolic

Many fans believed that the destruction of the Iron Throne was symbolic and it meant the end of an era earlier stated in season 5 by Dany when she said it is time to break the wheel and everyone believed that a great council would be instated after Jon wasn’t made king as it once happened before and this was a way to liberate the seven kingdoms once and for all.


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