How to Use Twitter for Marketing your Business- 10 Best Ideas

Twitter for Marketing your Business

Presently, there are social networking websites in bulk when the world has transformed into a global village. Among these websites, Twitter is one of the most prestigious platforms. Twitter is the best social networking tool for receiving instant news and updates. For this reason, people prefer it over various other websites or applications. According to the Google Play Store, there are above five hundred million users of Twitter[1].

Nevertheless, if you have a business then you may want to ameliorate the sales of your product. You can achieve this target by means of online marketing. Twitter can be an impressive tool in this context if it is used correctly. Hence, it is very imperative for you to understand how to use Twitter for marketing?

This article will explain how to use Twitter for marketing?  It will explain all the necessary aspects such as “how to get more followers on Twitter?” or “how to advertise on Twitter?”.  It will provide you with the ten best ideas for marketing your business on Twitter.

Defined Business Goals

Napolean Bonaparte once said, “ The reason I beat the Austrians is they did not know the value of five minutes”. Time management is of uttermost significance. Starting marketing your business on Twitter without defining your Business goals first is a blunder. It will result in nothing except wastage of your precious time. It will be tantamount to put the cart before the horse.

Therefore, you must first define your Business goals before using twitter for marketing your business. Some examples of business goals are listed below:

  • Enhancing awareness of your product
  • Generating the sales
  • Reach more customers
  • Attracting customers to your blog or website

Make an impressive profile on Twitter

A properly crafted Twitter profile is essential for gaining the attention of the audience. The very first thing which you have to do in this case is to write a proper bio. Make sure to write an original bio. You can use a maximum of 160 characters while writing a bio. Therefore, you must be meticulous about including all the necessary keywords in your bio.

Your profile must be complete and optimized. In other words, your profile must efficiently display the details of your business. It must also contain a link to your blog or website of your company. There are ways by which you can optimize your profile on Twitter[2]. You must also get your Twitter account verified.[3]

How to get more followers on Twitter

get more followers on Twitter

A properly made Twitter profile will help you get more and more followers on Twitter. The very next thing you need to focus on is “how to get more followers on Twitter?”. You must know and understand some key factors in this case.

You must involve your co-workers. Your co-workers should follow you on Twitter. If they retweet your tweets then it will definitely increase your followers on Twitter. The more your tweet reaches out to people the more are the chances of increasing followers.

Consistency is an important key to get more followers. You must be active on Twitter and post on it regularly. Moreover, asking people to retweet your tweet increases your chances of making more followers. Use hash-tags , track your mentions and respond to them if it is important.

How to Advertise on Twitter

How to Advertise on Twitter

No inkling of how to advertise on Twitter is a huge impediment in the way of using Twitter efficiently. There are two types of advertising your business on Twitter i.e. “Promoted Accounts” and “Promoted Tweets”.

Promoted Account

Promoted Tweet

  • It enables you to promote your Twitter’s brand account and attract people so that they may follow you.
  • It gives you these privileges by means of a paid campaign. It allows your Twitter account to get featured in search results.
  • Your Twitter account is visible in the “Who to follow” section. This is accomplished by Twitter’s account recommendation engine. This engine recognizes similar accounts and followers that may be interested in your business or product. 
  • This tool enables your tweets to appear in search results and user timelines.
  • Promoted Tweets are more open and come with many offers and discounts.
  • They are priced with respect to cost per management. This means you are only required to pay when someone retweets, clicks or replies to your Promoted Tweet. 

Use Hashtags

These are hashtags that make it possible for your content to reach the maximum number of people. Hashtags specify your content and consequently, your tweets are put with other similar content on Twitter. This way, it makes it much easier for other people to find your content. This can significantly boost your prospects of finding influencers or potential customers.

Furthermore, for using proper hashtags you must analyze what is trending on social media and shape your hashtags accordingly. Nevertheless, you can also use , this website provides you with suggestions about hashtags according to your social media post.

Use Videos and Images

Users, who know how to use Twitter for marketing business, know the gospel truth that visuals have a far greater potency of attracting the audience as compared to text. They can help you in getting two or three times more clicks on your tweets. As a result, you can achieve the maximum number of views on your Promoted Account or Promoted Tweet. Tweets with mere plain texts are far less catchy as compared to those with images or videos. According to a report, seventy-nine percent of the people prefer to watch a video over reading  text.[4]

It is all about Content

Albeit, it is true that you have to remain succinct on Twitter but you must not give up being meticulous regarding the quality of your content. You must shape your tweets such that the audience can relate to it. Your tweets must be not convoluted to understand. Your tweet must be brief and the limit of 280 characters doesn’t mean you have to use the entire character limit every time. Use the URL shortener so that links of websites may not occupy unnecessary space.

Pin your most Important Tweet

Just like Facebook allows you to pin your post , Twitter also allows you to pin your one tweet at the top of your timeline. This way , viewers will be able to see your most important tweet at first. Pinned tweet attracts the attention of viewers to a great extent. You can pin your tweet by clicking three dots and then select pin to your profile page.

Use Catchy Headlines

There are numerous tweets that are seen every day. Nevertheless, which tweets get clicked ? Obviously the ones with interesting headlines. To this reason, you must mull over interesting headlines for your tweets as well as blog posts. There are many headline’s analyzers available on the internet e.g. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer. You can check the effectiveness of your headline with the help of it.

Analyze and Optimize

You must use Twitter Analytics. It is a tool that shows you how much engagement and how much views your tweet has got. This will help you in deciphering the likes and dislikes of your followers. You need to continuously strive to increase the engagement level of your tweets. You cannot accomplish this without looking at the analysis of your tweet’s performance.

Besides, providing the link of your website or blog can also optimize your twitter account greatly.


All the tips given in this article will help you in marketing your business on twitter efficiently. You will be able to ameliorate the sales of your product by marketing on Twitter if the aforementioned ideas are put into action. You will see the positive outcomes of using Twitter for promoting your business in a short span of time.