How to Lose Weight with Portion Control Diet?

Weight Control has become tougher and tougher every day. In today’s ever-expanding world, you will come across a new eatery which has a delicacy that you cannot refuse every single day and with these guilty pleasures, it becomes harder to watch your weight until you’re out of control. How do you watch your weight and enjoy delicious foods at the same time? The answer is simple, Portion Control. You can lose weight with the Portion Control Diet. The secret of Portion Control is to simply eat as much as you need to eat and you can find that out through some neat tricks and recipes that we will tell you down the line. Portion Control is a straightforward routine. To stay healthy and fit all you have to do is eat in moderation so that you never have the feeling of deprivation in you. Once you learn the dynamics and the practical application of the Portion Control Diet and if you follow this without fail for as long as you need to build habits then you have just taught yourself a fool-proof of always putting your health first and adapting a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Secrets of Portion Control Diet

There are a few secrets of Portion Control Diet that you can make a rule of thumb because they are applicable everywhere. If you frequently eat out or even if you prefer home-cooked food. These simple tweaks can be used daily no matter where you without ever making others feel that you are too finicky. The secrets if Portion Control is:

  • Measure Your Portions Using Your Hands

You don’t need a measuring tape or a calorie counter everywhere you go with this diet as no matter where you are the secret to success with this diet is in your hands and it goes as follows

    • High Protein Foods: Two palm-sized servings if you’re a man or if you’re a woman then a single palm-sized serving will be enough.
    • High Carb Food: When we talk about High Carb Foods we mean Starchy vegetables and whole-grain foods. The portion size for this type of food should be one cupped hand portion for woman and for men it should be two cupped hand portions.
    • Fatty Foods:  When we talk about fatty foods we are talking about the good fats that are an essential part of our meals and it consists of butter, oil (olive) and nuts. The portion size for fatty foods should it is recommended to have good fats in every meal. The portion size for men should be two thumb-sized portions and for women, it should be half that amount.
    • Vegetable and Salads: The greens should be an essential part of your daily diet because this is the fuel your body needs and the simple rule you should follow is that the greener the vegetable the more beneficial it is for your diet. A closed fist-sized portion is recommended for women and for men they should consume twice the quantity recommended for women.
  • Using your Plate as a Portion Divider and Decider!

Plate as a Portion Divider

We already told you how nifty it is to decide your portions for a healthy lifestyle. However, if there are people out there who have trouble relying on this method they can use their plates to observe their portion size. The essentials will stay the same as mentioned above. These are life hacks that are imperative to the Portion Control Diet. It is understandable that you can’t measure the exact grams that you should eat everywhere you go so that is why we have simplified the anxious calorie counting for you and given you a simple hassle-free sure-shot method of adapting to the Portion Control Diet.

o   The protein should make up for 1/4th of your plate and nothing less or more.

o   The vegetables or salad should make up for about 1/2 of your plate as this is your energy provider for the day.

o   The complex carbs should make up for about 1/4th of your plate. They are essential for you as well but they should not exceed their portion size.

o   Finally, the Fatty foods which can be butter, oil or whatever your guilty pleasure should be the equivalent to ½ a teaspoon and nothing more. Too much fatty foods aren’t good for your metabolism.

  • Food Diary is your best friend!

Food Diary

The infamous food diary that has become synonymous with the word diet is the secret of success that you should make a habit of yours. People don’t understand the benefits of keeping a food diary with you which can have a massive effect on your mental strength and perseverance. Besides keeping a track on the food you eat every day plus calorie counting, it makes you more aware of your health and what you put inside your body. You wouldn’t realize the healthy habit when you start but without realizing it you’re going to become more conscious of food and this is something that is a gift in its own even if you choose to not control your portion size.

Tips for Portion Control Diet

 There are a few tips that you can follow which will bring ease to your journey towards better health.

  • Put Away The Giant Silverware: We all have that gigantic dinnerware that always has space left on the plate no matter how much you fill them up. My advice to you is put them away because you’ll only be fooling yourself with those. Studies have shown that people who eat from bigger plates or servings tend to eat more than people who eat in smaller plates or bowls.
  • Waterfall: Always start your meal with a glass of water. Having a glass of water before meals affects your appetite to eat as you can differentiate between hunger and thirst. Besides that water fills you up and that makes you feel much fuller at the end of the meal once you start with having water even 30 minutes before food.
  • Wait it out: It is a proven fact that your brain takes 15 to 20 minutes to figure out and let your body know that you are full and since we usually don’t practice mindful eating we usually have overeaten by the time we realize we are My advice to you is that you eat as slowly as possible. Take your time and appreciate your food as much as possible. You will be surprised with how fulfilling the process of eating is and how full you feel even with the portion control diet.
  • Dress to Impress: Wearing oversized clothes usually gives us the misplaced confidence to overeat because those ways we can hide the weight gain or the fact that your stomach is unnaturally bulging out. The quick tip for this is always wear the proper clothes fitted for you. We aren’t saying always be dressed up but it really helps when you are eating out at your favorite restaurant and that you know for sure that overeating would result in you either looking it or a button flying out.
  • Meal time means Mealtime: Mindful eating is essential for Portion Control. Limiting distractions while you eat will make you more conscious of listening to your body and realizing that the controlled diet that you eat is more than enough for you on a daily basis. Limit distractions such as television and mobile phones as they make us mindless feeders most of the time eventually resulting in weight gain.
  • Eating from the Container is a big NO: We all love eating from the ice-cream bucket while watching a movie or even eat the biggest bag of chips within a minute because we never know the portion size of the bag/container that we are putting our hands in. Never eat from the container because we will end up eating more than we want to. Always use a plate to set out portions so that you are in charge of how much you eat not the container!

Recipes for Portion Control Diet

There isn’t a specific meal plan for you to follow as this is a hassle-free way of life more than a diet. The portion sizes are a recipe in its own and through this Pie Chart, you can understand effortlessly.

Portion Control Diet Chart

As you can see that Green Vegetables are your most important ingredient and one that you should use abundantly.

The second aspect is protein which can be eggs, chicken, fish or even red meat. The protein should be equivalent to the high carb portion of your diet as shown in the graph.

High Carb foods such as whole grains which are brown rice, brown bread or even tortilla should be eaten in a restricted manner as these add on fat when not used as energy by us.

Fatty foods which are taste enhancers such as butter, nuts or olive oil should be sprinkled on food and nothing more. Only slight amounts are good for you and that is how Fatty foods are implemented in this diet.

The portion control diet is a way of life rather than a diet and it brings ease and comfort to people instead of you fussing over calories and ingredients. Enjoying food is one of the pleasures of life and this diet only enhances your pleasure by mindful eating and distributing all the categories of food onto your palate so your plate of food can be fulfilling and keeps your weight in check as well as your health.


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