Top 7 Tips to Make Money on Instagram

Tips to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram came out as a mere image-sharing application with a limited number of features. Nevertheless, it has been now transformed into an unconventional e-commerce force and into a distinctive business platform. There are 500 million users of Instagram who are active every single day. Almost 80 percent of Instagram users have at least one business account. Furthermore, there are above one million advertisers on Instagram every month. 

A pertinent question must surely be running through your head at this point: how can I make money on Instagram? Now you will not have to mull over it much because this article will answer this question in a comprehensive manner.

This article will expound on the seven tips that will help you in monetizing your Instagram account.

Instagram: A Way to Earn Money

Let us first start with some of the creative ways of earning money on Instagram.

  1. If you are proficient at photography then no app other than Instagram is apt for enhancing the sale of your photography. Even to this day, it remains the favorite Image-sharing app of people across the globe. There is a significant number of Instagram users who adore photography and love exquisite sights. Instagram can help you greatly in attracting people to your photography. 
  2. According to the recent stats, the time spent on Instagram increases by 80 percent every year. For this reason, if you are in the marketing sector then Instagram can easily enhance your interaction with the audience. It can enable you to interact with more and more people because of its ever-increasing users. 
  3. Instagram is an eCommerce business force of monumental significance.  With one billion of its users active every month, it is now much easier for you to sell your products. For instance, more than 80 percent of American brands use Instagram for the promotion of their business.

Making a big following

Increase the number of your followers on Instagram.

First and foremost, a substantial number of followers are essential for successful marketing on social media. A long list of Instagram followers is your utmost need. The greater the number of followers, the greater the chances of your sales reaching their peak.

Here are some tips to increase the number of your followers on Instagram.

  • You can increase your Instagram followers by socializing and requesting people to follow you. 
  • Get innovative with your hashtags that relate to your niche.
  •  You must be meticulous about the content you post on Instagram for instance use engaging captions. 
  • You must take an active part in conversations that are relevant to your niche.
  • Consistency is the key to making large followings i.e. you must post regularly on Instagram.
  • You must use Instagram stories. The popularity of Instagram stories is growing exponentially. The majority of the users prefer to watch stories instead of scrolling down their news feed. Therefore, getting creative with your Instagram stories is of prime significance in order to increase your followers.
  • You must decipher what interests your audience. Analyze your posts and check which one got the most likes and comments. It will make it easier for you to figure out the likes and dislikes of your audience. Shape your posts according to the likes of your audience.

Post High Quality Images

The fundamental purpose of Instagram still remains the same i.e. sharing images. High-quality images will help you significantly in monetizing your Instagram account. Introduce your product to your followers with quality images that may fascinate them. 

For instance, if you run a parlor then you may post pictures of ladies looking elegant in make-up. If you are into some food business then you may post images of scrumptious dishes you provide etc.

Post High Quality Videos

High-quality videos have even greater efficacy than high-quality images. They can deeper impact on your audience. You can now post a video of fifteen seconds owing to the latest feature of Instagram. You can post a video related to your product. This way people will be able to know your product in greater detail. There is no boundary to the number of ways you can be creative and innovative with videos. This will definitely enable you to earn money through your Instagram posts.

Get an Influencer for yourself

If any of the celebrities are among your acquaintances then you are one lucky person. Albeit, it is obvious that not every person can have an access to celebrities but there are people with massive followings on Instagram. It is imperative for you to have such people as your Instagram influencers to make money.

Let us say that you are to write a book then you can easily access top bloggers on Instagram and you can request them to promote your book. There are a plethora of bloggers who are willing to share the details of the products they use. Having an influencer to promote your product or any work on Instagram can drastically improve your prospects of earning money on Instagram.

Arranging events or contests

It is apt to get your images liked by people if you are doing some campaign or organizing an event. It is of vital importance to keep updating your users and provide them with some special offers for a particular time period. 

You must devise ways to get your followers involved e.g. by sharing different promotions. One benefit of running contests and campaigns on Instagram is that it enables you to create separate hashtags. Consequently, you are able to keep all contributions in one place.

Convince people by getting testimonials from your clients

One of the best persuasive tactics for boosting the sale of your product is to get testimonials from your clients. Videos and images of your clients using your product have substantial convincing power. It is a great tool to leave an impression on an audience.

Nothing convinces them more than seeing your clients happy with your products. As a result, the quality of your product is vindicated and your Instagram account is monetized to the best.